How much does a Frontier Tiny Home cost?

Our mission is to make tiny homes for every demographic; therefore, our tiny homes start at $55k for a shell, meaning you build out the inside yourself, and go up from there. Our luxe tiny homes, with top-of-the-line interiors top out at $150k.

How big is a Tiny Home?

Our tiniest homes are 350 sq ft. We found that while people loved living tiny, anything less than 350 sq ft is simply too small for comfort.

Can a Tiny Home be Off Grid?

Yes, these are our most popular and our favorite tiny homes to build. We have several off-grid options available, including:

  • Composting Toilet ($2,500)
  • Grey Water Filtration system ($1,500)
  • Small Humus Septic System that you can use a standard flushing household toilet with ($3,500)
  • Solar Power System ($9,990 – $14,990 depending on size)
  • Water Pump ($300) and Tank ($1000 + delivery).

We have other off grid options that are customizable depending on your needs and setup. Let us know just how far off-grid you plan to be, and we will come up with the right mix of options for you.