Here at Frontier Tiny Homes, our vocation is to deliver beautiful, spacious and affordable tiny homes for everyone who dreams of an independent, free life.

What is a Tiny Home?

A tiny home is exactly what you would think it would be … a smaller version of your parents’ home. Tiny Homes are fully functioning homes with kitchens, bathrooms, sleeping and living areas, all in a relatively small footprint.

Tiny Homes are built on trailers, so they are extremely versatile. They can be stationary, parked permanently. Or they can be towed anywhere your heart’s desire, lending flexibility, freedom, and adventure without the financial constraints of a mortgage, utility bills, HOA dues, property taxes, etc.  As a result, in today’s tumultuous and uncertain world, people, both young and old, are embracing the tiny home movement.

With a Frontier Tiny Home, the world is truly your oyster.